For 2011, Vince decided to change WWE Superstars into Thursday Night Divas, a brand specifically for all divas to compete. This began the rise of the diva's division and attracted more talent from different rosters, and old divas returning on air.

    New Champion!

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    New Champion! Empty New Champion!

    Post  Trish Stratus (GM) on Tue Jan 04, 2011 11:14 pm


    New Champion! Katie_Lea
    Katie Lea regained her title, ambushing Alicia Fox at a Bloomingdales and ending up pinning after ramming the sales rack into the girl's body. Katie brought a ref.

    Fox regained the title three hours later, chasing Katie Lea down to the hotel. Katie Lea tripped down the stairs, and Alicia Fox got the cover when a ref ran over.

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