For 2011, Vince decided to change WWE Superstars into Thursday Night Divas, a brand specifically for all divas to compete. This began the rise of the diva's division and attracted more talent from different rosters, and old divas returning on air.


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    "We have a big show for Thursday Night Divas, Cookie and Christy Hemme will be opening up with a match-up!"

    "And, both of these girls have animosity back in the old days, and it has crossed over until now."

    "And we also have the Diva's Rumble later."

    "Here's Cookie!"

    ROYAL RUMBLE 1479555_o

    Cookie came down to the ring cockily, with Robbie E. at her side. She looked ready for a match, in her best wrestling attire. She whispered to Robbie and came down to the room.

    "Cookie looks ready for action!"

    Christy's theme hit, and she took the stage, the crowd cheering for her as she came down the ramp.

    "Anyway, it's Christy Hemme making her way to the ring!"


    She looked ready to kill, and Christy Hemme immediately attacked. Christy viciously threw her hands in front of herself and grabbed Cookie by her hair, putting the girl in a claw and taking her down to the ground, grabbing her by her hair and roughly shoving Cookie's head back into the canvas, and kept doing so. Cookie shrieked and squealed, throwing her hands up in front of her face and shielding herself from getting attacked. Christy Hemme brought her fists towards Cookie's face, hitting her in the nose before finally backing off.

    "Christy Hemme out to kill!"

    "Dont count Cookie out, she has been on the Indy circuit for YEARS."

    Cookie, now on all fours, was taunted by Christy and then got a cheap shot, hitting Christy in the crotch. Getting to her feet now, Cookie swung her foot and landed a nice, solid kick on Christy, sending her in a leaning position at the turnbuckle. Cookie took another punch to her face, but then retaliated with a knee to her gut and then set up for a jawbreaker, but Christy shoved her off. Taking her time, Cookie started to do a bunch of fistpumps. Christy got on the top rope, and when Cookie turned around, Christy went for a Thesz Press, but Cookie turned around and her foot met with Christy's face.


    "... Christy Hemme may be down for the count!"

    Cookie dropped over Christy's body, pulling her leg up, only to get a two count. Angrily, she started to yell at the referee, who told her that he was doing his job. Christy crawled towards her and a got a rollup pin, the ref counting slightly faster but Cookie kicking out just in time. Cookie rolled out of the ring while Christy fixed her red top, making sure that she didn't get hit with a wardrobe malfunction. Robbie E. helped Cookie and then rolled her back into the ring, and Cookie used the ropes to get up to her feet.

    "The match seems to be getting faced paced!"


    While Robbie E. distracted the ref, Cookie sprayed some hairspray into Christy Hemme's eyes, and while the girl was dazed, Cookie grabbed her by the arms, and pulled them behind her into a standing chickenwing. She leaned forward, smashing Christy's head into the ring mat and then she pulled on Christy's tights, pinning her for the three count.
    Trish Stratus (GM)
    Trish Stratus (GM)

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    "And here we are, in the first ever Diva's rumble!"

    "Winner gets her match at WrestleMania!"

    ROYAL RUMBLE Goldust-Aksana-defeated-Ted-DiBiase-Maryse

    Aksana is first out to the ring, accompanied by Goldust for some reason. She stands in the middle of the rings, adjusting her red outfit.

    ROYAL RUMBLE Kelly-kelly-20081008054808884-000

    Kelly Kelly comes out to the stage cheerfully, the crowd cheering, but also booing at her very early entry into the match. She slides in, and the rules for the match are announced.

    "It's very simple! To be eliminated, you must be thrown over, through or under the ropes and both feet must hit the floor. Girls will enter after two minutes from these first two, and then thirty seconds from there. Last girl remaining goes on to WrestleMania!"

    The two of them start the match with a traditional lock-up, but the former bodybuilder in Aksana takes the advantage as he works Kelly Kelly into an armbar. Kelly screamed in pain, trying to grab the ropes, but Aksana continued to work her like this. Kelly Kelly eventually maneuvered herself into a comfortable position and did a cartwheel with one arm, eventually freeing herself of the armbar. In pure shock, Aksana turned around to be met with a dropkick by Kelly Kelly. They both got up, and Kelly Kelly repeated the process, hitting yet another dropkick! Aksana rolled towards the ropes and Kelly grabbed her by her hair, lifting her up to her feet. Aksana dealt a couple of forearm blows, meeting Kelly in the head and then grinding her knee into Kelly's gut, but Kelly reversed a Russian Leg Sweep into a hurricarana and had Aksana set up in a 619 position. She ran forward and grabbed Aksana's legs trying to push the girl through, but Aksana would submit and did a mule kick, forcing Kelly to back up. Aksana got back into the ring, and the countdown began. Kelly went in for a grapple, but Aksana pulled her by the neck and flipped her over, locking in a headlock.

    ROYAL RUMBLE NXT+Rookie+Kaitlyn+vs_+Reacts+To+Pair+With+WWE+Pro+2

    Kaitlyn got into the ring and joined forces with her Lady Nexus teammate against the blonde bombshell Kelly Kelly, grabbing Kelly by her hair and lifting her up for a suplex. Though Kelly, the veteran, go back to her feet and reversed the move into an impacted DDT, Kaitlyn holding her nose from how hard the impact was. Aksana sneaked up on Kelly, who was on all fours, and started to spank her while riding her like a horse all around the ring. Aksana then grabbed Kelly and whipped her into the ropes, and Kaitlyn joined up and tried to help eliminate her.

    ROYAL RUMBLE HighSun_Killer-brie-bella-2-2

    It was indeed Brie Bella that came to the ring, obvious by the name on the TitanTron, and she tried to kick Aksana, but Aksana ducked and she nailed Kelly, and Kelly fell off the apron onto the floor, thus eliminating K2 from the Diva's Rumble.


    The matched commenced with a double team on Brie, both Aksana and Kaitlyn setting up for her elimination, but Brie pulled a surprising move when she kicked them both in the faces and climbed up to the top rope, jumping off and nailing them both with diving clotheslines. She rolled along the mat and got to her feet, waiting for the next entrant.

    ROYAL RUMBLE BrieNikkiBella2

    Nikki ran down to the ring to help her sister and they both started attacking the other side, as if it were a tag match. Brie grabbed Kaitlyn and then got her into a headlock, while Nikki slapped Aksana across the face, and Aksana tackled her, the two getting into a raging catfight, pulling at each others clothes and hair. Kaitlyn pulled Brie's hair, and set her up for a Wedgie Flatliner, her finisher, but Brie reversed it and kneeled Kaitlyn in the stomach and Kaitlyn flopped through the ropes, though standing on the ring apron. Brie hit a dropkick and knocked the girl off here.


    Aksana crawled away, and moved to the opposite side of the ropes, wanting to get a breather, but Nikki caught up to her and did a leg drop on her neck, Aksana being laid out. Nikki grabbed her, and so did Brie, and they set her up for a double Russian Leg Sweep, and brought her back to the mat hard. Grinning, they both gave each other a high five and gave a double elbow drop on Aksana's body. Aksana held her gut in pain while the sisters exchanged looks.

    ROYAL RUMBLE 34775_Naomi+Night+-+female+wrestling

    Naomi was quick to the ring and pulled Aksana in from being eliminated, giving Nikki a hard punch, and then giving Brie a quick stunner, and punching Nikki again, working hard on the both of them while Aksana caught a breather. On fire, Naomi landed a dropkick on Brie and she fell into the corner and then Nikki charged her with a clothesline, and she grabbed her body, landing a spinebuster quickly and shoving Nikki into the same corner, Nikki stacked on Brie. She grinned and ran forward, ramming her elbow into Nikki's gut. The twins fell to the ground, at a vulnerable point. Naomi kept kicking at Brie's body, but she wouldn't go. She just gave up and pulled one twin inside the ring, working on her.

    ROYAL RUMBLE Brooke-adams-II_photoboxart_160w

    Brooke Adams didn't know what to do, so she just sided with Lady Nexus. Aksana and Nikki Bella went off to fight a one on one battle, where Aksana had the distinct advantage, kicking Nikki hard in the gut. It was so hard that Nikki ended up in a sitting position on the second rope, unable to keep her balance. Brooke Adams and Naomi were working on Brie, but Brie broke away from them and tried to clothesline Aksana, who ducked and she hit Nikki and Nikki got eliminated. While Brie looked over to check on her, all three Nexus girls grabbed Brie by her ankles and flipped her over the top rope, eliminating her.


    The two members of Lady Nexus immediately turned on Brooke and grabbed her by her arms and lunged her to the other ropes. Brooke hit them and came back, but she was smart this time and ducked and then hit the ropes on her own and when Naomi and Aksana turned around, she had taken a springboard clothesline from the second rope, taking both of them down with her. The crowd was really impressed with her as he brought Aksana up and landed her with a very precise suplex.

    ROYAL RUMBLE Backstage-Beauties-Tiffany-wwe-divas-5483864-303-390

    Tiffany was ready for action as she skipped down to the ring in her usual "skirt" attire and looked ready to kill when she got out there. Just as she got up, Naomi was getting to her feet, and she sized her up before tackling her with a running crossbody, bringing Naomi to the ground. She then proceeded to stomp on her gut. Across the ring, Aksana and Brooke were going back and forth. When Aksana though she had Brooke set up for a move, Brooke reversed it and followed through. Aksana set up for a snapmere, bu when she pulled, Brooke had her body in a bridge and rose it up, reversing it into an armbar. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Naomi were going at it and Naomi landed a huge split kick that sent Tiffany over the top rope.



    It was Tamina who came down to the ring next, and she immediately started to clean house. She nailed a huge big boot on Naomi and laid her out on the ground and when Aksana came at her, she grabbed the fraile blonde's hand and then twisted it around, hanging her up into a chicken wing and then throwing her body into the turnbuckle, her head hitting off of it. Brooke Adams got up and then asked Tamina to team up with her, and Tamina nodded. As Brooke turned around, Tamina turned, tapped her on the shoulder and threw a knockout punch that laid the brunette out. Aksana showed signs of getting up, so she grabbed her by her pretty, long blodne hair and got rid of her.



    Maxine ran into the ring and immediately started to help Naomi up, and then glared at Tamina, smacking the 2nd generation superstar in the face. Tamina grabbed Maxine by her curly locks and pulled on her hair, forcing the girl into a backbreaker. Naomi got up and began to stomp on Brooke's gut, grinning at her when she pulled the brunette up to her feet, throwing her against the ropes. When Brooke came back, Naomi jumped up into a toe touch, and then nailed the girl on the rebound, Brooke flopping back over to the ropes. Naomi defected from Brooke and dug a knee into Tamina's back, trying to get the girl away from Maxine, who was catching a breath. Tamina and Naomi both threw big hands, but Tamina got the upperhand as she led into a superkick. Naomi ducked and Tamina hit the ropes, which made her stagger a little. Taking advantage of her unbalance, Naomi hit her with a clothesline, as Maxine got up and continue the beat down on her. Brooke also crawled over and started to put the hurt on Tamina.

    ROYAL RUMBLE Maria-diva-from-the-wwe

    Maria ran to the ring and saw that the majority of the girl wer hurting Tamina, and decided to help Tamina. She wrapped an arm around Maxine's neck, and dragged the black haired girl to the middle of the ring, nailing a Michonoki Drivre to the ground, taking advantage of her body and then straddling her, giving her several blows with her fist. Tamina managed to grab Brooke's foot, and then took her to the ground, twisting Brooke's ankle into a submission. Brooke grabbed the ropes, but Tamina simply didnt care and pushed on Brooke's ankle, and Brooke went flying through the ropes now.


    ROYAL RUMBLE Evetorres04

    Eve Torres came down to the ring, at first checking on Brooke before sliding inside, quick to get to the action. Maxine and Naomi both hit her with double clotheslines, and took her down, as Tamina grabbed Naomi by her hair and shoved her into the turnbuckle. Eve went off with Maxine in a quick battle of forehands, but Maxine came out on top and took Eve's arm, wrenching it behind her back before locking in an octopus stretch on her. Meanwhile, Tamina was powerhousing Naomi, but Naomi was showing that she was a fair match for Tamina, doing a handspring and escaping Tamina's hold, digging a boot into Tamina's cheek while grabbing onto her tights, trying to eliminate her from the match, Tamina's body half over the top rope, her legs still struggling and kicknig. Maxine shoved Eve onto the ground and went to help, pulling on Tamina's tights and shoving her. Eve got onto her knees and then charged, hitting a dropkick on Tamina's bum. This was finally enough to send her over the top rope.


    ROYAL RUMBLE HighSun_Killer-jillian-hall-5-2

    Eve was being double teamed by the time Jillian got there, so Jillian grabbed onto Maxine and started to work at her, Maxine already tired from her little brawl with Eve Torres earlier. Maxine rested unsurely against the ropes while Jillian landed several kicks to her stomach and midsection, followed by a knee to the gut, and when she had Maxine groggy, she wrapped her arms within Maxine's and landed a full nelson facebuster on the girl, effectively taking her out. As she went to eliminate her, Naomi came and clotheslined Jillian, Eve Torres in a sitting position by the turnbuckle. Naomi dealt several dangerous blows, but Jillian managed to reverse one and landed a huge STO on Naomi, just as another entrant came in.

    ROYAL RUMBLE Wwe-divas-natalya-pictures-21

    Natalya was quick to show that she deserved to be here, taking Naomi down with a shoulder block, then hitting Eve Torres with a series of snap suplexes, and finally hitting Maxine with a discus clothesline. Maxine held her nose as Natalya went to dispose of her, but Naomi was quick to come to her rescue and grabbed Natalya by her hair, pulling Natalya's back onto both of her knees, with Natalya struggling in pain. Eve Torres took time to get a breather, but Jillian didn't care and sprinted forward, throwing her body into Maxine's and then grabbing the girl, lifting her up in a suplex position, before moving it into a firemans carry. She tilted Maxine over the top rope and dropped the girl back first.


    ROYAL RUMBLE HighSun_Killer-mickie-james-tna

    Mickie James came into the ring and started working her athletic skills on Eve Torres, while Naomi took her frustrations out on Jillian, as she had eliminated a Lady Nexus member. Noami started to choke Jillian as Jillian wildly flailed her legs and managed to get a stray kick into Naomi's gut that allowed her to breath, and she followed it up with an elbow and then took her advantage from there. Eve Torres was no match for Mickie James - Mickie had given her several chances to go back, but Eve wasn't enough to match to the wrestler that Mickie was. Mickie set up for a Tornado DDT, but as she was jumping, Eve Torres grabbed a hold of her body and reversed the move into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Everybody cheered in surprise and awe as Eve backed up a couple of steps from the big move.

    ROYAL RUMBLE AJ-Lee-aj-lee-17301468-376-390

    AJ Lee strutted down to the ring and as he got in, she immediately disrespected Mickie James with a fat joke and smacked her square across the face before going to help Naomi on Jillian Hall. Mickie James shoved Eve Torres aside, hard. Eve Torres was so untaken by this that she nearly got eliminated but saved herself and just watched as Mickie unleashed her inner wildcat on AJ Lee, taking her hair and banging it against the ring canvas, showing that psycho side that she had when she first debuted. AJ screamed and Mickie practically tried to pull her hair out, but Naomi took Mickie by the shirt and pried her off. Naomi looked at Mickie, and Mickie punched her in the face. Eve took her chance and shoved Naomi into the turnbuckle, stepping on the second rope and punching her wildly. Mickie continued her rage on AJ Lee while Jillian caught a breath.

    ROYAL RUMBLE 1273701002586_f

    Maryse strutted into the ring and did her signature hair flip right away, only to have an angry Mickie James miss a roundhouse kick on AJ and knock Maryse over the top rope.


    The match continued where it had left off. AJ Lee was trying to run from Mickie James, but she was getting tired running around the ring, to the point where she tripped. Jillian, hating what AJ had been doing, grabbed AJ and threw her straight into Mickie James, who nailed the girl with a solid Mick Kick. After that, she took AJ's body and threw a hand up into the air, setting up for the Mickie DDT, but Naomi came and pulled AJ off from under her pit. Mickie James went for another kick, but Naomi ducked and pulled AJ out of the way, only to have Mickie hit an oncoming Eve Torres. Jillian came out of nowhere and pulled her arms under Naomi's, and then got her into a full nelson, leaning forward to smash into the Full Nelson Facebuster. AJ tried to run again, but Mickie finally grabbed her and landed the Mickie DDT. Seeing her at a vulnerable point, Jillian rammed a foot into Eve's chest and sent the Diva Search winner over the top rope.


    ROYAL RUMBLE 120909_04b

    Layla was next to the ring and came down to it, sliding inside. She didn't know who to attack, but finally decided on AJ, simply because what the girl was wearing was totally tacky, and began to stomp the bottom of her boot onto the girls gut, ramming it off continuously, while AJ stomped and screamed in response. Mickie James shoved Layla down to the ground and grabbed AJ, still angry at what the girl did and took her by her chin, dragging her to the ropes now. Mickie set her up in a Tarantula, popularized by Tajiri, and since there was no disqualification, she held it in for as long as she wanted. AJ screamed out in pain, her legs being pulled on as Mickie's strong legs pulled back at her neck, pulling her spine in different directions that they have never been in before. Naomi grabbed AJ and pulled her free, pushing Mickie. Mickie grabbed onto the bottom rope to prevent her elimination while AJ plopped to the floor. Mickie James hit a baseball slide on AJ's body, eliminating her from the match-up.


    ROYAL RUMBLE Velvet-sky4

    Next to the ring was Velvet Sky, one half of The Beautiful People and one of the tag team champions, with unfortunate Maxine who had gotten eliminated earlier. She gotten into the match and immediately she picked who she wanted to fight with. In the ring with her was Naomi, who had survived all the way to the 19th entry from the 6th entry, along with Mickie James and Jillian. Velvet Sky took off with Jillian, hitting her with several forearms and striking her knee into the veterans gut. Mickie James decided to go at Naomi, hating the girl for her association with AJ, and how many times she had saved AJ Lee. Naomi tried to escape, but Mickie grabbed Naomi and set Naomi on the first rope while Mickie sat on the top rope. Mickie then stood on the top rope, tucking Naomi's head under her shoulder and leaping off, driving her neck into the mat. Velvet Sky landed a Beauty Mark on Jillian while Mickie James grabbed Naomi, sending her over the top rope.


    ROYAL RUMBLE Katie-Lea-Burchill

    Former hardcore champion Katie Lea was next to the ring, and as she found her way inside, she immediately took action against former rival Mickie James, with the two locking up. Velvet came off of a failed attempt to eliminate Jillian and went back to fighting her, Velvet ramming her black boots into Jillian's torso. Katie Lea and Mickie's bout was very technical, with Mickie giving a great suplex, but Katie retaliating with a springboard elbow followed by a forceful hair-pull snapmere. Katie locked in a camel clutch type move, while Mickie tried to fight against the urge to tap out to it, even though that would do practically nothing. Velvet came off of a little bout with Jillian, after Jillian had gotten a Crucifix Powerbomb on her, and Jillian was resting while she sat in the corner and Velvet went over, grabbing Mickie's legs and enforcing more pain on her.

    ROYAL RUMBLE 577457-5090fb68b5778cb09008735f902d8aab

    Rosa Mendes was next and she immediately ran in and started to beat up her rival Katie Lea. Rosa grabbed her by her dark hair, pulling her off of Mickie and forcing her into the corner, where Rosa stepped onto the second rope and then choked her with her left hand and gave several blows with her right, digging her fist into Katie's temple. Katie grabbed her ankles and then rushed forward, digging Rosa's back into the canvas with an inverted powerbomb. Katie began to fight back, and that's when Velvet started to work her way with Mickie, but Jillian came to Mickie's aid and hit a Hangman's neckbreaker on Velvet. The match was pretty much changing from here, with each of the girls fighting and several close elimination calls. Rosa Mendes almost got eliminated by Katie Lea's sidewalk slam. And It was vice versa when Rosa Mendes had Katie Lea's feet inches from the floor. Then, Jillian had Velvet in a handstand, but Velvet managed to reverse it. People even forget Layla was in the match, as she was hanging over by the turnbuckle, and she ran back up and dropkicked Jillian over the top rope.



    LayCool were finally united! At this point in the match, the tag team duo took total control. Layla grabbed Velvet Sky and then hit her with a forearm smash, then she nailed her with an uppercut, knocking her chin upwards and making her stumble. Layla grabbed at her neck, locking in a choke while she spun around to behind Velvet Sky and fell into a sitting position, the LayOut effective. Meanwhile, Michelle McCool rammed her foot into Rosa Mendes' stomach and tucked her between her legs, lifting her body up so that her feet were at Michelle's shoulders. Michelle put her legs over Rosa's hands and fell forward, her body smacking into hers while she piled over the girl. Katie Lea and Mickie James were next, and the practically the same thing happened - Layla took out Katie with the Layout and Michelle got Mickie with the Faithbreaker.


    Tara came in and immediately started attacking her rival Mickie James and LayCool started to celebrate and jump around, yelling "FLAWLESS" all over the place. Katie was first to show signs of getting up, but Layla spun around and then dug her foot into Katie's temple, hitting her with the "Nasty Kick" to take her out. Rosa Mendes grabbed onto the ropes and helped herself up to her feet, grabbing onto the top rope to leverage herself. McCool made her way over to Velvet Sky and grabbed her by her hair, but Velvet twisted her body and then did a drop toe hold on McCool so that she was set up in a 619 position. Velvet hit a dropkick, and McCool was now laid out on the apron, and when Velvet went to eliminate her, Layla approached her from behind and hit the LayOut. Katie Lea got up in just enough time to clothesline Rosa Mendes over the top rope.


    ROYAL RUMBLE 942162_f520

    The Glamazon came in at number 24, and she was immediately a powerhouse in the match. At first, she hit a big boot on Katie Lea and then a clothesline on Layla. Finally, she grabbed a vulnerable Michelle McCool and setting her up for a Glam Slam, but McCool rolled through and had the Glamazon in a victory roll. Mickie James shoved Tara into the both of them, and they both went stumbling out of the ring, with Beth Phoenix landing on top of Michelle.


    Layla didn't know what to do as she was left in the ring with Katie Lea, Mickie James, and Tara. She immediately started screaming. "NOOO! NOO! NOOO!", doing whatever she could to buy time for herself. She ran around the ring, but Katie Lea, Mickie and Tara all made a triangle around her so one of them was bound to catch her eventually. So, Layla decided to fight and kicked Mickie James in the gut. She knew that both Katie and Tara had bad blood with her, so lured them to her while she tip toed out of the equation, letting Mickie get beat by Katie and Tara. Michelle McCool was there at her side to help her and she smiled at her, as music started.

    ROYAL RUMBLE Melina_2

    Melina also had some bad blood with Mickie, and continued on the hurting of Mickie James, and each girl took turns having Mickie for their finisher. First Katie Lea grabbed her and then lifted her up into the air, turning around as she finally kneeled to the ground, dragging Mickie's back into her knee. Mickie was on the ground, holding her back with Tara got a turn. Tara tucked her under her legs and then lifted her up, while Layla looked on confidently, letting these girls do all of her dirty work. Tara then had Mickie on her back and held her neck, sitting out and driving Mickie's knees into the mat, and practically snapping her neck with the impact. Then, Melina grabbed her by the air and up, driving her open leg split onto Mickie's chest. Mickie took too much from this and all three girls grabbed Mickie by her jeans and threw her over the top rope, but Mickie didn't go without a fight - she grabbed Tara by her hair and brought her down as well.


    ROYAL RUMBLE 3453837447_6c90380155

    Gail Kim came into the ring quickly and took off in a fight with Katie Lea, while Melina rammed her boot into Gail's stomach, and decided to side with Katie Lea on this one and as they both beat up Gail. Layla contributed to the beat down once or twice with a stomp, but tried to make herself very unknown, trying to act like she still wasn't in the match up. Gail Kim locked in a Christo on Katie Lea and guided her to the ring ropes, trying to eliminate her like this, locking in the Christo a bit more. Melina used this to her advantage and dropkicked Katie in the gut, trying to get the both of them eliminated, but Gail Kim used one of her free arms to hook it around the rope so that she didn't get eliminated. Katie had a near fall, but hit Melina with her fist and then pushed Gail on her neck to get back in. Gail took such a fall that she was barely moving.

    ROYAL RUMBLE Tna-knockout-angelina-love

    Number 26 Angelina Love only had three girls to deal with - Katie Lea Burchill, Melina Perez and Layla El: and she was happy about that. Each of the girls were former champions in several fedetions, and she had an experience with Katie Lea... who had stalked her previously when they both worked in TNA. She even changed her name, which was weird, but Angelina decided not to attack her and worked on Melina first. Katie Lea joined up with Angelina and they both grabbed Melina, sending her through crazy spots. Layla continued to dance and celebrate still being in the match, and the anarchy went on from here. Katie Lea kicked Melina in the gut while Angelina Love ran forward and swung her feet with a Bicycle kick, nailing Melina so that she leaned against the ropes. Katie Lea charged in a shoulderblock, but Melina showed her flexibility by using the narrow ring apron to bring her body into a bridge, Katie Lea flying over her and out of the ring.


    Gail Kim got to her feet while Melina started to fight with her, Gail Kim running her feet into Melina's lower body, and then working a stretch on Gail's neck. Angelina Love hit a bicycle kick on Gail Kim, and Gail Kim went flying over the top rope, but grabbed onto the bottom rope, narrowly hanging on for her life. Gail looked up at the action and Layla contemplated eliminating her, but took a deep breath and watch Angelina and Melina lock up. Angelina took the advantage and wrapped her arms around Melina's torso, leaning backwards into a Northern lights suplex, hitting her with a huge impact, but Melina rolled out of it and ran at Angelina, who grabbed her body and then hit a Russian Legsweep on her, and then started to lock in an armbar. Gail showed signs of getting up to her feet, and Melina tackled Angelina Love, taking her into the turnbuckle. Melina got onto the top rope, trying to hit an Extreme Makeover, but Angelina Love pushed her and Melina balanced unsteadily on the ring apron. Angelina punched and then stepped on the first rope, leaning over and trying to eliminate her. Layla took off from the other end of the ring, launching her body across the ring and impacting into the both of their bodies, as they went flying to the ring ground.


    Layla was smiling her hardest, because it was only Gail Kim left, and Gail was practically knocked out. She walked over to Gail and lifted her up to her feet, whipping her into the ropes, but she didn't see it coming when Gail reversed it and then put her foot up, Layla's eyes popping out in surprise when Gail hit a HUUGE EAT DEFEAT! Layla's body hit the ground as Gail Kim grabbed her and then shoved her into the turnbuckle. Grinning, Gail Kim cheered for the crowd and sat on the top rope in the corner, and then wrapped her legs around Layla's neck. Right when she was going to do her hurricarana, Michelle McCool ran up to her and pulled on Gail's hair, trying to eliminate her. Gail loosened the grip on Layla and rammed her boot into McCool's nose, causing Michelle to stumble. But Michelle threw her fist into Gail's torso, causing the girl to double over. Michelle grabbed her hair again, hoping to pull her off, but out came a bunch of divas who took McCool by her tights and pulled her off, throwing her into the barricade. Layla looked over to check on Chelle, and gave Gail enough time to wrap her legs around Layla's neck and flip her over the top rope, Layla's feet hitting the floor.

    "Winner of the Diva's Rumble... GAIL KIM!"

    ROYAL RUMBLE 16348220

    The other face divas ran in to congratulate Gail and held their hands up with her.

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